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Rubbermaid® "Caution Wet Floor" 2-Sided Safety Sign

Rubbermaid® "Caution Wet Floor" 2-Sided Safety Sign

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EnvirOx® H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 Sanitizer/Virucide -Gal

Light and heavy duty for all carpet cleaning, glass, bathrooms, counters, tables, grout restoration, walls, hard floors, degreasing, stainless steel, and more! Use for 95% of general cleaning needs. Only 2 dilutions. Use on any water-safe surface. Cuts grease with neutral pH. Grease-free, residue-free results. Kills odor causing bacteria. Penetrates surfaces, oxidizes and kills source of odor. Unique patented stabilized hydrogen peroxide formula creates a deeper clean that leaves behind no residue. Kills 99.99% of common bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella choleraesuis, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus faecalis. Also kills 99.99% of Escherichia coli.

Alternate #117-04B

Kleenex® Cottonelle® Bathroom Tissue

Our high quality base sheet and embossing creates a softer, fluffier tissue conveying a superior feeling of luxury for your guests and employees. 4.09" x 4.0"; White; 2-Ply. Use dispenser: 09021, 09600. 451 sheets per roll, 60 rolls per case.

Alternate #017713

NAPCO Black Coreless Roll Liner - 38 x 58, 2.00 EQ gauge

"M" Liners are the heaviest, true gauge recycled can liners available. All liners are supplied with a star seal bottom and packaged in rugged, white, corrugated cartons.

Alternate #RM-6181

NCL® Qwik-Scrub Scrub & Recoat Cleaner - Gal.

Ideal for use in automatic scrubbers equipped with proper floor pad or brush. Using a neutral pH range formulation it aggressively removes embedded soils and scuffs in upper layers of finish film, and prepares the surface for re-coating with a minimum of rinsing, saving time and labor. A heavy-duty, water based cleaning concentrate designed for scrub/recoat maintenance procedures.

Alternate #0955G

SaniGuard® Dry On Contact Sanitizing Surface Spray - 10 oz

The world's first dry on contact 99.99% spray sanitizer and deodorizer. Safe for food contact surfaces and other non-porous surfaces. Safe on fabrics and electronics! Great for facility cleaning! Minimum of 500 sprays per 10 oz can. 12 per case.

Alternate #52480

Scott® Kitchen Roll Towel - 128 ct.

Each single-ply kitchen paper towel features fast-drying Absorbency Pockets, designed to soak up water fast. Meets EPA standards; FSC® and EcoLogo® certified. 11" x 8.78"; White.

Alternate #041482