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Bowl Cleaners


F-Matic OmniGuard™ Starter Kit

Powerful cleaner and descaler removes years of calculus build-up in pipes and prevents new build-up from forming. No tools, tapes, or screws required for a simple, seconds-only installation. Easy refill cartridge for fast servicing. Contains no paradichlorobenzene, a possible carcinogen. Septic tank safe, no harsh cleaner. Semi-permanent bracket reduce waste from each use. Refill cartridge made with #5 recyclable plastic.

NCL® Hombre™ High Acid Emulsion Bowl Cleaner - 32 oz.

A high acid, emulsion type bowl cleaner, that removes even the toughest stains caused by rust, lime, calcium, and other hard water deposits. Quarts are packaged with dispenser tops.

Alternate #1730

NCL® Wrangler™ Disinfectant Bowl & Porcelain Cleaner

A hydrochloric acid, disinfectant bowl and porcelain cleaner. Provides broad spectrum germ control. Detergent thickened for added clinging ability. This fast acting product leaves a Nuvan fresh fragrance. Packed w/dispenser tops.

Alternate #1735Q

Betco® Stix™ Toilet Bowl & Shower Tile Cleaner - Qt.

Phosphoric acid, detergents, wetting agents unite to quickly remove hard water mineral deposits, scale, rust, soap scum and filth from restroom surfaces. 20% Phosphoric acid for tough soils. Cherry Almond fragrance.

Alternate #07612