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Metered Dispensers/Refills


Fresh Fusion LX Model Cabinet

Alternate #MACABLX

Fresh Fusion Metered Aerosols

Naturally better smelling fragrances. Fusing the science of metered aerosols, natural oils and superior fragrances so our fragrances simply smell better without a harsh chemical overtone. Eliminates odors using the very best science has to offer we blended Fusion with a patented odor neutralizer, Ordenone™ that encapsulates malodor molecules and eliminates odors at the source. 3,200 sprays lasts for 30 days and can deodorize a room up to 6,000 cubic feet. Smells stronger/longer. Fusion's smaller particle size will float in the air longer so you smell it longer. No messy build up on surfaces. VOC compliant.

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Scott® Continuous Air Freshener Refills & Dispenser

Maintaining a clean, fresh-smelling restroom is essential to your facility's quality image. The Continuous Air Freshener System from Kimberly-Clark Professional makes that easy. Continuous fragrance that works around the clock. Each refill lasts 60 days. Neutralizes and removes odors from the air.

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Rubbermaid® SeBreeze® Automatic Odor Control System

Long-lasting, effective odor control. 24 hour odor control for a full 30 days. Use dispenser as a wall-mounted or free standing unit. Air flow vents and battery operated fan disperse fragrance continuously for complete room coverage. Gels absorb odors in the air and convert them to non-toxic, odorless compounds. Patented Fragrance Cassette® Canister includes battery for easy, one step replacement.

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TC® Aerosol Air Neutralizer Refills

Provides odor control through our proprietary Microtrans® technology. Traditional air fresheners only camouflage malodors. Technical Concepts TC Air Neutralizers with Microtrans® blend chemistry and physics that lock onto malodor molecules transforming them into a neutral base that eliminates that "unavoidable odors" in the restroom. Then TC adds a clean fresh hygienic scent, the signature of a clean, safe and comfortable restroom. TC Air Neutralizers do not contain CFC's.

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TC® AutoFresh™ Select LCD Pump Dispenser

Advanced "dry spray" formulas and patented actuator create an effective, long-lasting air neutralizing solution. Non-aerosol alternative. Real time clock for maximum programming flexibility. Up to 168 days between refill changes.

Alternate #401115

TC® Microburst® 9000 LCD Dispenser - White

More of what you want; Odor control, clean fresh fragrance, compact discreet size, reduced storage & shipping cost and reduced waste. Less of what you don't want; propellant & V.O.C's. 66% reduction in maintenance labor, 9000 metered sprays.

Alternate #401218

TC® Microburst™ 9000 Preference Pack

Contains 1 refill each of: Linen Fresh™, Orchard Fields, Mountain Peaks, Ocean Breeze, Country Delight. 9000 Metered Sprays.

Alternate #401249

TC® Microburst™ 9000 Refill Fragrances

With outstanding full-strength, long-term odor controlling properties, the clean fresh scents permeate the room with subtle fragrances that reassure users the room is clean, safe and comfortable. The Microburst® 9000 dispenser refills are three times the power per ounce of traditional aerosols and provide full strength odor control for up to 180 days. The "micro-molecules" spray of Microburst® provides greater coverage and longest-lasting odor neutralizing and fragrancing with less propellants.

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TC® Pump System Odor Control Refills

Contains Microtrans® Odor Neutralizer to lock onto malodor molecules transforming them into a neutral base that eliminates unavoidable odors in the washroom.

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TC® Select™ LCD Aerosol Dispenser - White

Liquid Crystal Display provides visual of battery life and days to change refill. Smart Chip technology avoids run-outs while controlling costs. Real time clock for maximum programming flexibility. Up to 168 days between refill changes.

Alternate #400979

TC® Standard Economizer Aerosol Dispenser - White

Created for facilities on set service schedules. One dispenser controls up to 6,000 cu ft of space. Engineered to meet service cycles. Smart Chip technology extends battery life up to 3 years. Operates on 2 D-Cell batteries (not included).

Alternate #401375

Timemist® Premium Metered Air Fresheners

TimeMist® premium metered air fresheners contain odor counteractants to eliminate offensive odors. For use in all full-size TimeMist® metered dispensers. Fragrances and odor counteractants in one can. Fragrances contain essential oils to ensure they are the longest-lasting and highest-quality fragrances on the market. Refills last a full 30 days.

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