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Fresh Deodorant Urinal Screen - Cherry (Red)

Fresh Deodorant Urinal Screen - Cherry (Red)

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Betco® Floor Sealer - Gal.

Metal Interlocked Acrylic Polymer. This acrylic sealer is designed as a basecoat to protect floors for years. Hard, durable and detergent resistant, this sealer can be used on all types of resilient tile and terrazzo floors. This high gloss sealer will not yellow or powder and is compatible with all waterbased finishes. Perfect for providing worn and damaged floor tiles a smooth surface for floor finish application.

Alternate #60704

Betco® Geraldine® Floor Care - Gal.

Quickly unlocks the molecular structure of all types of waterbased floor finishes and sealers. An excellent heavy duty cleaner. Powerful stripping action. Great for cutting wax buildup, grease, oil and dirt. Effective in hot, cold, hard or soft water. 4 per case.

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Betco® SmartScreen™ w/Bioactive Enzymes -Citrus Bouquet

Only the SmartSCREEN® gives you the confidence to convert flushing urinals to water conserving urinals. SmartSCREEN® is infused with Neutrabond™ technology to ensure the restroom smells clean throughout the day. Neutrabond™ Technology is a specially developed combination of malodor counteractants and fragrances that gradually release to chemically bond to microscopic malodor compounds, such as sulfur and ammonia, rendering them odorless and non-toxic.

Alternate #28772

EnvirOx® Fresh Concentrate 118 - Gal.

One product two dilutions 95% of general cleaning. The only EPA registered stabilized hydrogen peroxide sanitizer. NSF® listed. Use on any water safe surface. Cuts grease with neutral pH.

Alternate #118-04B

NCL® Sani-Turge™ Non-Acid Bowl & Bathroom Cleaner

A beautifully fragranced, non-acid bowl and bathroom disinfectant cleaner. Thickened for clinging action to vertical surfaces. Contains our unique Nuvan™ fresh fragrance. Long lasting odor control and is blue in color.

Alternate #1711

NCL® Wrangler™ Disinfectant Bowl & Porcelain Cleaner

A hydrochloric acid, disinfectant bowl and porcelain cleaner. Provides broad spectrum germ control. Detergent thickened for added clinging ability. This fast acting product leaves a Nuvan fresh fragrance. Packed w/dispenser tops.

Alternate #1735Q