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EnvirOx® Fresh Concentrate 118 - Gal.

EnvirOx® Fresh Concentrate 118 - Gal.

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Betco® Floor Sealer - Gal.

Metal Interlocked Acrylic Polymer. This acrylic sealer is designed as a basecoat to protect floors for years. Hard, durable and detergent resistant, this sealer can be used on all types of resilient tile and terrazzo floors. This high gloss sealer will not yellow or powder and is compatible with all waterbased finishes. Perfect for providing worn and damaged floor tiles a smooth surface for floor finish application.

Alternate #60704

Betco® Geraldine® Floor Care - Gal.

Quickly unlocks the molecular structure of all types of waterbased floor finishes and sealers. An excellent heavy duty cleaner. Powerful stripping action. Great for cutting wax buildup, grease, oil and dirt. Effective in hot, cold, hard or soft water. 4 per case.

Alternate #10404

Fresh Deodorant Urinal Screen - Cherry (Red)

Available in various fragrances. Protects and deodorizes the urinal inexpensively. Super flexible (no regrind) vinyl screen. Hot stamp your company's name on each screen. Molds to shape of any urinal.

Alternate #12-DS-CH